Security Awareness

Today, businesses are facing ever-growing and evolving attacks - from social engineering to black hat hackers and insider threat. Being able to identify these types of threats is imperative to keep your business safe. Reduce your business's exposure and empower your team by giving them the tools to identify potential attacks.

Have You Ever Received These Messages?

  • You receive a phishing email claiming to be from the CEO, requesting an iTunes gift card
  • You receive an email from HR requesting you to change your direct deposit information, but you know you don’t have an HR direct email
  • You receive an email from what you think is your boss asking you to complete a wire transfer, but you’ve never been asked that before

If any of those situations sound familiar, we’re here to help!

Safeguarding your data starts with your employees. Their knowledge and attentiveness are what helps to keep your data out of the hands of the wrong people. New hires, veteran employees, and executives should all be required to participate in annual security awareness training. Threats evolve, new threats emerge – your team needs to be aware so they can stay ahead of them.

Features & Benefits


Email Phishing Testing

Send simulated phishing emails to all employees to build awareness

Users who fail test emails, are enrolled in training


USB Phishing (optional)

Ability to put USB drives in office, and track who connects the device and opens files on it


Vishing (Optional)

Simulated phone phishing to train employees of what information is allowed to be shared over the phone


Annual Training

Choose from a variety of industry or regulation specific training


Ransomware Guarantee

Create a human firewall, don’t rely solely on filters

Who Needs to Stay Compliant?


HIPAA Compliance Requirements

  • Annual training

DFARS Compliance Requirements

  • Quarterly training or every six months

ITAR Compliance Requirements

  • Annual training

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