Dark Web Monitoring

Be alerted of compromised credentials in real-time so you can reset and secure your accounts.

Are you guilty of any of these?

If so, your accounts could easily be compromised by hackers.

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Chances are, you’ve been hacked but you don’t even know it.

Studies show that more than 80% of US companies have been hacked, and most don’t even know it. Stolen credentials are big bucks for cyber criminals, who sell them on the dark web to the highest bidder.
A lack of training and caution could expose your employees’ credentials to a breach. As well as offering security training on password best practices, we can monitor the dark web for your stolen credentials.
Our Dark Web Monitoring system alerts you instantly if your credentials are compromised, allowing you to secure your accounts before it’s too late.

Our Dark Web Monitoring Services

Charles IT’s real-time monitoring and alert system keeps your data out of the wrong hands.

Monitor Stolen Credentials

Monitor Stolen Credentials

Scan the dark web for credentials breached in phishing, credential stuffing, and brute force attacks.

Proactive Notification

Proactive Notification

Be notified as soon as your domain is listed on the dark web.

Threat Mitigation

Threat Mitigation

Secure your accounts by changing your passwords and enabling MFA.

Did you know?

Businesses required to maintain certain compliance standards must proactively enforce password and access management protocols. Conducting periodic dark web scans can identify weak and compromised passwords and prevent a breach before it’s too late.

All entities have compliance obligations


NIST SP 800-53 Rev 5
NIST SP 800-37 Rev 2



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