Virtual Chief Information Security (vCISO) Support

Cyber threats are continuously evolving, your IT Security team should too.

Big Team Support, Small Team Price.

With the magnitude of cyber threats out there these days, it’s important for all organizations to prioritize cybersecurity. However, not every business has the financial resources to employ a full-time vCISO and team. This is where Charles IT steps in…

Our vCISO offering provides you with a dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer who serves as an integral part of your team, overseeing cybersecurity and Managed Compliance initiatives.

Let our experienced team support you in making informed and strategic business decisions, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and effectively managing cybersecurity risks.

Our vCISO Support Includes:

Monthly Meetings
Security Change Management
Plans of Action and Milestones (POAM) and System Security Plan (SSP) Updates
Policy Creation, Review and Updates
Annual Gap Assessment or Annual Required Audit Assistance
Third Party/Vendor Risk Assessment Annually
Annual Internal Risk Assessment
Audit Liaison for Investigations and Audits By Government Agencies, Third Parties, or Insurance Companies

What Can a vCISO Mean For Your Business?

By working with Charles IT, you are given a Managed Compliance expert who understands your business’s regulatory requirements and technology goals, with a focus on mitigating cyber risks.

Don't just take our word for it

It’s always a great feeling when you know that someone has your back. Thanks for the fast response time and professional service, Matt!
Lloyd B
20 Nov 2020
Charles IT are ALWAYS so responsive and helpful. Truly the best!
Marilena G
19 Nov 2020
Charles IT are always thinking of everything we’re not. They listen to our needs and they don’t just point out problems, they have solutions.
Joshua R
17 Nov 2020
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