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We serve almost every industry imaginable, but we specialise in a few key areas.

Become an Industry Leader
Through Technology

In every industry, technology can be leveraged for success. We specialize in delivering cybersecurity and compliance solutions, improved efficiency, and greater productivity to clients in healthcare, manufacturing, government, non-profit, and financial services.

By building real relationships with our clients, we are able to understand their goals and pain points, and lead them to smart technology investments that deliver lasting results.

See how our solutions can work for you

We’ve got you covered.

We have delivered amazing results for clients
operating in the following sectors:


We help healthcare clients meet compliance regulations, plug inefficiencies, and improve patient outcomes.


We help manufacturing clients plug inefficiencies, improve productivity, and gain round-the-clock cybersecurity.


We help government sector clients plug inefficiencies, improve security, and meet regulations.


We help non-profit organizations plug inefficiencies, deliver cost savings, and improve security.

Financial Services

We help financial services clients meet compliance regulations, improve security, and deliver cost savings.

Helping healthcare providers everywhere

Medical Imaging is an IT driven workflow. Charles IT has a deep understanding of technologists, support teams and physician systems. The team is able to jump in anywhere along that path to design or troubleshoot to ensure we practice at our very best.

Kathy Smith
Practice Administrator Radiology
Associates of Hartford

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