Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Sniff out insider threats.

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Proactively mitigate the risk of internal threats.

Critical vulnerabilities can create colossal problems for your security posture. For example, if a hacker gains access to your network, they’ll be able to exploit any vulnerabilities from the inside. This means they could steal sensitive data like investor records, medical information, or other personally identifiable information (PII).

Businesses need to stay ahead of any internal vulnerabilities and protect themselves by testing their networks on a regular basis and ensuring their teams are educated on IT security. These vulnerability scans are a critical component of any proactive security and compliance program to safeguard client data.

Charles IT can help safeguard your business and minimize risk with Internal Vulnerability Scans. These scans will look for areas of compromise within your network, and the resulting report will explain all the areas that need to be addressed.

Additionally, we will collaborate with you to create a long-term plan to keep your network healthy and out of the hands of hackers and insider threats.

Our Internal Vulnerability Scanning Services

Features and benefits

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Evaluate the risk of insider threats.

Scan your network to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by potential hackers if they make it into your network.

Quarterly Scanning

Quarterly Scanning

Protects when networks change and evolve (new devices, software installed, etc.)
Regular scanning ensures new vulnerabilities do not get opened.
Part of a proactive approach to cybersecurity

Did you know?

Businesses required to maintain certain compliance standards must undertake periodic internal vulnerability scanning.


Covered entities must test security controls.

Risk Analyses are required.

(NIST SP 800-66 Rev 1)


Quarterly vulnerability scanning


Quarterly vulnerability scanning


Quarterly vulnerability scanning

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