Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your critical business information from data loss or breach.

How much could 4 hours cost your business?

Reports in recent years have shown that up to 60% of small and medium businesses wouldn’t survive a drastic loss of data.

That’s why it’s a shock for us to find that many companies have no back-up or disaster recovery strategies in place at all.

A catastrophic system failure can bring your business to a grinding halt, especially if vital data, such as inventory records, customer lists, and contacts, is lost — and it’s practically impossible to get this data back from scratch.

Any company facing large-scale data loss is at risk of expensive downtime, losing customers to competitors and, in the worst cases, law suits and bankruptcy.

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Don’t risk all you’ve worked for

Our business continuity solutions will ensure that in the event of disaster, you can quickly revive your network and get back to work.

Charles will ensure your vital data is backed up regularly and can be restored in as little as 30 minutes in the event of a problem.

While the wider issues with your network are being resolved, our systems can take over as a virtual server so you can resume operations right away.

We also offer remote server backup to keep your files and data safe and secure.

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Team Will:

It all starts with 3 key assessments:

Business impact

We’ll develop a realistic business continuity plan based on how your business would be impacted by a loss of service.

Maximum downtime

We’ll assess how much downtime your business can handle before it adversely affects your operations.


We’ll help you prioritize your resources based on the potential risks to your business, covering natural and man-made disasters.

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What the results look like

With our business continuity plans in place, clients experience…

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It’s always a great feeling when you know that someone has your back. Thanks for the fast response time and professional service, Matt!
Lloyd B
20 Nov 2020

Charles IT are ALWAYS so responsive and helpful. Truly the best!
Marilena G
19 Nov 2020

Charles IT are always thinking of everything we’re not. They listen to our needs and they don’t just point out problems, they have solutions.
Joshua R
17 Nov 2020
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