Compliance and Security Assessments

Analyzing the safety of your mission critical files before it’s too late

With the combination of increasing risks from cyber attacks and government regulation of data security, protecting your company’s information is becoming more difficult every day.

Before you start implementing generalized and unspecific security protocols, you need to assess the threats to your organization. Compliance and Security Assessment services from Charles IT will identify areas of weakness and potential danger spots specific to your company’s IT systems.

What’s more, if you host data that is regulated by federal compliance requirements you need to meet certain benchmarks with regard to industry-specific data. Charles IT can perform the following assessments to ensure your business operates smoothly, and legally:

  • DFARS Assessments - Although very lucrative, defense contracts come with a lot of strings attached. Not many providers have the knowledge of the technological requirements involved to secure these contracts, but our comprehensive assessment is one of the best.
  • CMMC Assessment - CMMC is a third-party certification system which means contractors no longer can self-certify their compliance. Charles IT will help make sure you’re compliant so that you can to take on the contracts that are critical to your business.
  • HIPAA Assessments - If you haven’t paid too much attention to HIPAA compliance recently, your current processes, procedures and IT infrastructure need to be evaluated as soon as possible for potential compliance violations.
  • Security Assessments - Let us put your current security system to the test to determine if your network is up to par.
  • Penetration Testing - Most threats come from external attacks to your internet-facing systems. Our tests will employ the same methods that your worst enemies would to make sure you’re ready for anything.

In the current climate, both security and regulatory obligations are ever-increasing. Trying to handle just one of them is already a challenge, let alone both simultaneously. Why not consolidate and outsource some, or all of these services to the experts at Charles IT? With years of experience in security and compliance services, we can ensure your business is compliant with all industry regulations and standards.

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