Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Businesses are at high risk of experiencing an attack. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) allows for the ability to seamlessly monitor infrastructures 24/7/365, to reduce the probability of an attacker penetrating their network.

Have Any of These Happened to You?

  • Have you ever had an application(s) communicating with known bad networks?
  • Have your developers ever requested ports to be opened, and there was malicious activity afterwards?

If either of these situations sound familiar, we’re here to help!

There are always going to be hacker trying to penetrate your network, searching for your valuable data. They will do whatever it takes to steal it – infecting your workstations with malware and other various malicious software. Our SIEM solution is layered to keep your infrastructure secure from attacks and remediate them by improving your network by locating issues so they can be fixed. Most regulations require a SIEM solution; stay compliant by having Charles IT collect and store logs, as well as reviewing logs and monitoring your infrastructure for suspicious activity.

Features & Benefits


Centralized Log Management

Logs from computers, servers, and firewalls are stored in one portal; this allows for easy searching and referencing in post event analysis


SOC Management

Human element to analyzing critical alerts, review and compare data against historical trends, to alert us in the event of an attack



Weekly executive summaries cover all items that are required to be reviewed regularly for compliance requirements


Increased Retention

Event Logs are stored off-site for 365 day

Who Needs to Stay Compliant?


HIPAA Compliance Requirements

  • Requires Log Retention for up to six years


PCI Compliance Requirements

  • PCI DSS v3.2

ITAR/DFARS Compliance Requirements

  • Requirement AC-7 – Unsuccessful Login Attempts
  • Requirement IA-3 – Device Identification and Authentication
  • Requirement CA-7 – Continuous Monitoring
  • Requirement CM-4 – Monitoring Configuration Changes
  • Requirement AU-6 – Audit Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting

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