External Vulnerability Scanning

Many data breaches today are avoidable. Businesses need to stay ahead of the threats to protect themselves by educating their team and having their network scanned on a regular basis. Vulnerability Scans should be a critical component of a business’s security and compliance program to safeguard their infrastructure.

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Critical vulnerabilities can spark colossal problems to your security posture. Meaning, a hacker can easily penetrate your network. Thus, stealing sensitive data – medical records, personally identifiable information (PII). Charles IT can help safeguard your data with External Vulnerability Scans. These scans will look for areas of compromise within your network and the report will explain all the areas that need to be addressed. Additionally, we will collaborate with you to devise a long-term plan to keep your network healthy and out of the hands of hackers.

Features & Benefits

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Scans network to find vulnerabilities that leave the network exposed to potential hackers

Evaluates the risk of each vulnerability by correlating the master database

Quarterly Scanning

Networks change and evolve (new devices added, software installed, etc.)

Need regular reoccurring scanning to ensure new holes do not get opened


HIPAA, ITAR/DFARS – all have items that require some level of scanning and analysis

Who Needs to Stay Compliant?


HIPAA Compliance Requirements

  • Covered entities must test security controls. Risk Analysis is required
  • NIST SP 800-66 Rev 1

ITAR/DFARS Compliance Requirements

  • Quarterly vulnerability scanning
  • Scan for vulnerabilities in the information system and applications periodically and when new vulnerabilities affecting the system are identified

PCI Compliance Requirements

  • Quarterly scanning

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