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Today’s businesses have a lot to worry about. Dealing with competition, managing disruption, overseeing modernization, and meeting increasing customer expectations are just part of the list. There is one more item that grows in importance every day: IT security.

The number and complexity of threats are increasing. Even businesses with extensive, full-time IT security teams are facing breaches and attacks. Size doesn’t protect a company. From the very largest to small, local businesses, cyberattacks and breaches are common. Firewalls and passwords are no match for a focused, determined attacker.

At the same time, laws are expanding the definition of a company’s liability for consumer data. From CCPA to GDPR, organizations are increasingly responsible for a data breach.

This leaves you with a lot of questions:

  • Are your systems in compliance?
  • Are you protecting your customers?
  • Are your security solutions enough?
  • Are they modern and up to date?
  • Are you meeting your compliance requirements?
  • Is your business at risk?

This all leads to the biggest question of all: How can you make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your business?

Your Answer: A Managed Security Service Provider.

You’re not a security expert. The good news is that you don’t need to be.

A managed security service provider—or an MSSP— handles securing and protecting your company, end-to-end, so that you don’t need to. An MSSP’s purpose is the oversight and administration of your company’s security needs and processes.

As a Connecticut managed security services provider, Charles IT offers solutions to businesses, using the latest hardware and software on the market. Think of Charles IT as managed security as a service—we provide the expertise, systems, and equipment to detect and block threats and keep the security of your systems up-to-date.

As an MSSP, it’s our business to keep your company secure, find and eliminate threats, and give you peace of mind without extensive overhead, so that you don’t have to.

The Benefits of Using an MSSP

Partnering with Charles IT for Connecticut managed security services is that we not only handle your security services but we also offer a number of benefits for your business.

Lower Costs

Protecting your business from threats can be prohibitively expensive. So can finding, interviewing, hiring, and managing your own security team. With an MSSP, your business limits the budget line items needed to provide the right level of security for your company.

Targeted solutions

You could invest in a multitude of security solutions, but hackers only need one way in. An MSSP monitors and scans your network to find the vulnerabilities you need to address. And if a bad actor should get through your defenses, your MSSP will be monitoring your systems to find and eliminate the threat quickly.

Access to experts and security tools

Because security is the core business for an MSSP, they have access to knowledge, expertise, and tools at their fingertips. Without experts at your side, you’ll end up wasting valuable time trying to find the right team to mitigate and remediate a breach.

Actionable security insights

Partnering with an MSSP doesn’t just give you the information about your vulnerabilities and potential threat vectors. You’ll also have access to informed, actionable insights so you don’t spend time and money on tasks that don’t make you safer.


Even businesses that have an internal security team use MSSPs. Why? Because an MSSP can quickly scale up a team’s skillset to address everything from designing a security program to managing an active incident.

You can focus on your business

Most importantly, an MSSP uses their expertise to protect your network and systems, so that you can focus on running your business.

Our Managed Security Services Equip Your Business with:


As a leading Connecticut managed security services provider, Charles IT uses Security Information & Event Management tools to monitor and analyze information on your systems to identify and report on potential threats. Otherwise known as a SIEM, these tools automatically look for threats and alert our team to critical threats to be reviewed by an expert. Security teams have a single windowpane into logs from across your IT ecosystem, simplifying the process of tracking down potential issues. You’ll always know what we’re seeing, thanks to weekly executive reports. SIEM isn’t just a good idea—for many businesses, like healthcare providers, payment processors, and government contractors, SIEM is required to meet compliance requirements.

Endpoint encryption

Laptops and mobile technologies have expanded business capabilities. But they have also increased a company’s threat surface. Whether from a well-meaning employee providing information to a client on removable media, like a flash drive to a company laptop stolen from a car, you have multiple, vulnerable points of entry into your systems that can be compromised almost daily. Charles IT offers endpoint encryption to block access from unauthorized users and devices.

Multifactor authentication

Breaches can happen in unexpected ways. It isn’t always about a full compromise of a critical database. Sometimes it’s a single password. With that one item, bad actors can begin sending messages, using phishing attacks to get deeper into your systems. With Multifactor authentication, an additional layer of security is added on over and above a single password.

In addition, as your MSSP Charles IT provides:

Security Awareness

The first defense against attacks is knowledge. Many times, attacks are successful not because they are clever, but because they exploit a lack of information. From social engineering to phishing attacks, your teams are the foundation of your security. Charles IT can provide security awareness training for new and existing employees and executives to ensure they have the tools to help protect the business.

External vulnerability scanning

Just as you wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked, you shouldn’t leave your business systems unprotected. Without that protection, your data could be at risk. Can you afford to have a competitor access your business plans, or manage the fallout from hackers stealing the personal data of your customers? Preventing this means knowing where the holes exist. External vulnerability scans, performed regularly, identify potential entry points even as new threats evolve, safeguarding your infrastructure and your data.

Dark Web Monitoring

Businesses are as prone to the activities of the Dark Web as individuals. It’s not uncommon for people to reuse logins and passwords. Once that combination has been stolen, though, hackers have easy access to anywhere they’ve been used—and that information may be up for sale on the Dark Web right now. Dark Web Monitoring looks into the corners of the internet and notifies you when your credentials have been made public.

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