With the combination of increasing risks from cyber attacks and government regulation of data security, protecting your company’s information is becoming more difficult every day. To be secure, you need visibility into your business - Charles IT can help you secure what to you can’t see. Before you start implementing generalized and unspecific security protocols, you need to assess the threats to your organization. A Gap Assessment from Charles IT will identify areas of weakness and potential danger spots specific to your company’s IT systems.

What’s more, if you host data that is regulated by federal compliance requirements you need to meet certain benchmarks with regard to industry-specific data. Charles IT’s Gap Assessment will ensure your business operates smoothly, and within compliance.


Do You Have Compliance Requirements You Need to Meet?

Charles IT will make sure you remain in compliance by validating that your business has the minimum security requirements in place. If not, we will work with your team to provide short term and long term goals for meeting those requirements. These assessments include:

  • CMMC
  • PCI
  • ITAR
  • DFARS/ NIST SP 800-171
  • Cybersecurity Framework/
    NIST SP 800-53

With today’s threat landscape, both security and regulatory obligations are ever-increasing. Trying to handle just one is already a challenge, let alone both. With years of experience in security and compliance services, we can ensure your business is compliant with all industry regulations and standards. Secure what you can’t see with Charles IT.

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