Christopher Poudrette

Team Lead & Project Manager

“ChrisP” worked for several years as a Biomedical Field Engineer, supporting various forms of hospital laboratory instruments. However, he chose to leave that profession after 8 years to seek a career in IT, which is where is passions actually laid.

He went back to school to get his Masters in Networking in Telecommunications Technology at CCSU and has now spent over 5 years in the IT industry. At Charles IT he came on as Junior Systems Admin and is now an Account Manager helping guide clients through IT challenges and to utilize technology to grow their businesses.

Chris takes pride in his customer service and analytical skills, and during his free time, you’ll catch him cooking a delicious meal, working in his HomeLab, trail running, reading and most of all, traveling!


What is your favorite part about working at Charles IT?

The people and the culture set Charles IT apart from other companies. The people who work here are passionate about IT and, while it may sound a bit hokey, they really do care about providing excellent customer service. Charles IT as a company helps to facilitate employee growth both professionally and personally and pushes everyone to succeed.


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