Our Core Values

logosymbolPassionate People

At Charles IT, our passion powers performance. While copious coffee and kombucha on tap fuels our success, it all starts with finding the right talent. Our team is made up of tech experts that have the heart to help others. We believe that “a cohesive team can consistently outperform a collection of talented individuals.” This statement has been proven time after time in the world of sports, but it's equally true in business. While our world may be filled with data, systems, and software, we know you’re human. So we make sure to treat you that way.

logosymbolExceptional Service

As we’ve always said, creating relationships is at the heart of what we do. Whether it’s a real person answering the phone every single time — a guaranteed response at 2am or making sure you are appropriately greeted (by dogs) upon arrival, Charles IT is there for you whenever and however you need us. Through spending a vast amount of time assessing the latest tech, we carefully curate best-in-class offerings to meet your company's precise needs.

logosymbolHonest and Forthright

With Charles IT there are no lies, no false promises and no finger pointing if something doesn't go to plan. The buck stops here. We are honest and forthright in everything we do, and we always strive to keep our promises, fulfill our commitments, and follow through. We will choose one of our exceptional team members who knows your industry and is able to meet your company’s exact needs.

logosymbolEndless Improvement

Our team of tech experts carefully craft a stack of solutions for the specific needs and personal fabric of your business. The key to your growth and core to our values is the endless quest for improvement. And in this fast-paced, dynamic environment — however technology changes, and however those changes affect your business, company, and life, Charles IT is there to ensure your continued success. Seamlessly.

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