We have been partnering with CharlesIT for years and have consistently been impressed with their technical expertise and support, as well as their commitment to really understanding our business and working hard to ensure we can be successful.

Recently we had an instance that required some last-minute contract amendments for a school system where we work to support students with complex neurodevelopmental disabilities. I needed to remotely access our server to make updates so that we could turn the contract around and avoid any disruption in care, but when I found myself locked out late on a Friday night. I reached out to the Charles team and at 10pm on a Friday night, their on-call tech piped into my computer while he was traveling for vacation to make the system corrections necessary to grant me access to the files that I needed. Based on the prompt response by Charles, we were able to get the contract sent and maintain our support for the students in that district come Monday morning.

We feel fortunate to have such valuable partners as CharlesIT and we appreciate that our success in doing what we do everyday is supported by the knowledge that we have a best-in-class technical team behind us to make sure things go smoothly.

Seth Powers
The Center for Children with Special Needs

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