The biggest cost savings opportunities from switching to VoIP phones

C-suite executives are always looking for new and innovative ways to boost revenue, and more often than not, new ideas are rooted in new technologies. And yet, studies have shown that most businesses fail to implement and adopt the right IT solutions. Often, this unfortunate fact comes down to failing to properly factor in corporate goals and prioritize core business processes when selecting the best solutions.

Increase Employee Productivity with Voice-over-Internet Phones

The traditional business phone systems you’re accustomed to will likely always be with us, but Voice-over-Internet Protocol (also known as, VoIP) is an increasingly popular alternative for mid-sized and even enterprise-level organizations.

VoIP phone systems are attractive to corporate consumers -- to the tune of $86 billion in revenue by 2020, according to Future Market Insights -- because they’re easier to install and scale than traditional systems, and can be managed either by your internal IT department or an external service provider.

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