Ho! Ho! Ho! Hosted desktops are the way to go!

The term hosted desktops may sound like the theme to your next holiday office party, but really it refers to computers in your office that run on software in the cloud. And while they may seem a far cry from cubicles full of Christmas cookies and Irish coffee, they’re similar in one important way: Hosted desktops are sure to bring joy to your business.

How cloud-based data backups can save your business

Cloud-based data backups are one of those IT functions that sound kinda simple -- and to the right people with the right skills, they are simple. But for busy small-business owners, they can be quite complex.

So to anyone who falls into that second category of people, here’s what you need to know: There’s a fine line between an event like a storm, flood, or fire causing downtime from which you can easily recover by retrieving cloud data backups, and never recovering.