DFARS Assessments

Easily ensure defense contract compliance

The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) broadly stipulates that any company working with the Department of Defense, in any capacity, must meet certain data security benchmarks in order to acquire and maintain a contract. You don’t even have to be hosting ‘sensitive information’ to fall under this regulation.

DFARS requires the following conditions to be met in order to achieve adequate compliance:

  • Implementation of cyber incident analysis and reporting
  • Adoption of 79 predefined security protocols
  • Coverage of all information, regardless of location, pertaining to Controlled Technical Information, OpSec Information, Export-Controlled Information and anything specifically related to the contract that doesn’t fall into one of these categories
  • Adequate intrusion monitoring and disclosure

Your business has other things to worry about than meeting compliance requirements. Don’t waste time combing through stacks of legal language, let Charles IT help you quickly and easily achieve DFARS compliance.

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