Ray Lemoine

Systems Administrator

Ray has always had a fascination with science and electronics since he was 10 years old. When he was in middle school he obtained his first PC from his uncle, and with his guidance learned the fundamentals of how computers function. By the time he reached high school, Ray's fascination became a passionate interest that drove him to find and fix all the PCs he could get his hands on. By the time he graduated high school in 2012, Ray owned and maintained over 10 computers, his own server, and had self-taught himself in all Windows operating systems since Windows 3.1. Through self-determination and natural mechanical inclination, he turned his passion into a career, obtaining real-life experience in several IT environments prior to coming to Charles IT. In his personal Life, Ray enjoys spending time with family and friends, is an avid Star Trek fan, and is a fan of the Boston Red Sox.

What is your favorite part about working at Charles IT?

“FREE BEER! But also, the people. We have a great group of people that work here at Charles IT, and I am proud to be working alongside them all.”