Small Business Administration’s Breach Could Affect You

Exploit: Unauthorized database access
Small Business Administration: Government agency overseeing small business affairs

Now, more than ever, the consequences of a data breach are traumatic for victims. Organizations collecting and storing personal data can support their users during the COVID-19 pandemic by taking extra care to ensure that personal data remains private.

How to Transition From Working From the Office to Working From Home

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing people to stay home, many businesses suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce.

Companies like Google and Microsoft are mandating that employees work from home. For many modern tech companies, the infrastructure and policy needed to work remotely are already in place and the vast majority of their staff are already using their own devices.

Rockstar Customer Service: What Keeps Them Coming Back

The customer is the bloodline of any big or small company. Why is it then that many organizations today still fail to recognize this, and spend their resources focusing on other items such as marketing? While marketing is essential to get people in the door, if they are treated poorly, or not at all, they won’t return.

Tips for Working Remote

Working remotely can be invigorating but there’s a reason why we don’t do it permanently.

If we’re forced to work remotely for a long period, how do we overcome the effects of isolation?
Working together in an office has many social benefits. You participate in office banter and enjoy your office culture.

How to make your client-facing strategies work

If you want your business to remain competitive, it’s important to differentiate your company from all the others. You can do this in two ways. The first is through a positive client-obsessed company culture that values, supports, and nurtures relationships.

How to build a customer-obsessed culture

To get a competitive edge, many organizations are changing the way they do business. Some embrace more advanced technologies, while others implement a customer-centric or a customer-obsessed model, an approach that fosters a positive customer experience at every stage of their buying journey.

2020 Best Places to Work in Connecticut

Charles IT was recently named a finalist in the Best Places to Work in Connecticut. This fifteenth annual program was created by the Hartford Business Journal and Best Companies Group.

This survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best employers in Connecticut, benefiting the state's economy, workforce, and businesses.

Signs you should be in the market for a new MSP

With a new decade in the books, technology and IT leaders are becoming cornerstones of their companies’ business strategies. As the technology industry is cresting a wave of hype — intelligent robots, digital transformation — tools and software once perceived as things of the future have crystallized into disciplines and processes many organizations now use.

2020 top IT challenges forecast

The year 2020 will see a transition to a new decade. Businesses are facing various IT trends such as the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation, new cybersecurity techniques, and 5G networks.

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), information technologies make it easier to fulfill different business functions such as financial management, marketing, sales, product development, etc.