7 Truths About Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business

7 Truths About Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business

Here at Charles IT, we may know everything there is to know about zeros and ones; after all, we are one of Connecticut’s leading IT service providers. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re numerologists or anything.

We can, however, tell you a thing or two about the number seven! According to our sources, it is the thinker, the seeker, and the searcher of Truth, which got us thinking about seeking out a few truths for you. Namely, all the ways that Microsoft’s familiar suite of productivity tools can greatly benefit your business.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 7 Truths Every Small-Business Owner Needs to Know About Microsoft Office 365, starting with the way it can help your employees stay busy, no matter what:

1. Reduced Downtime

If ever your in-house servers were to crash -- as the result of a hardware failure, a weather event, or a cyberattack -- worker production would come to a halt, and we don’t have to tell you how costly that can be. But with Office 365, your data runs on machines in the cloud so your files, apps, and emails are always available.

2. On-Demand Access

In the old days, “working from home” meant setting up complicated private networks and maybe even having the IT guy come over to set things up for you. But today, cloud-hosted software apps let you access them from anywhere there’s an internet connection (not just your “home office”), at any time (not just during normal business hours).

3. Easy Management

Office 365’s sync feature allows users to keep emails, contacts, and calendars connected across devices. So if you update a colleague’s email address or the location of tomorrow’s meeting on your smartphone, the changes will appear on your PC, laptop, and tablet, too. And syncing applies to all sorts of data; you can save a document on your desktop and work on it later on your phone.

4. Advanced Email

Microsoft’s famous email client, Outlook, comes standard with Office 365. Configuring it for the cloud is easy, and the latest version is full of productivity-enhancing features for Windows, OS, Android, and iOS, including one big benefit: a huge 50-GB storage capacity so heavy users never have to worry about cleaning up and archiving messages and attachments.

5. Secure Data Storage

Storing data in the cloud is generally no less safe than using your in-house systems. Either way, given all the threats out there today, business owners need to be careful with their company’s sensitive information. Thankfully, Office 365 includes advanced backup and security tools with features like “remote wipe” that protect you even if an employee loses a mobile device.

6. Simplified Licensing

Office 365 allows you to take a bit of a hands-off approach to your IT as almost everything takes place in the cloud, which is especially true when it comes to software. Your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote apps will be licensed and up to date at all times, and your teams will always be using the same version of each since upgrades are deployed company-wide.

7. Predictable IT Costs

Maybe this should have been #1 on our list of 7. After all, everyone loves affordable, foreseeable expenses, and that’s exactly what you get with Office 365. You’ll pay nothing upfront, and you’ll pay a flexible monthly invoice like you do with your other utilities. However, there are no contracts, no long-term commitments, and you can add or subtract users with a few clicks of the mouse.

Interested in learning a few more truths about Office 365? How about the other ways managed IT services can make things easier on your business? Check out our cloud services page, or give us a call on our 10-digit phone number!